Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm flattered you've taken the time to learn a little bit about me.

I go by the name of "Facet," because there's always another angle of reflection, a new way to see something. I've been involved in visual art since junior high school--please don't ask how long ago that was! <g> I won a scholarship to a county-run art program in my teens, and picked up a number of techniques for painting and drawing. My high school art teacher assigned a project with pastels, and they are my medium of choice.

I prefer hard pastels to soft pastels, and soft pastels to oil pastels. Recently, I've discovered watercolor pencils, and I love them! They give me a fine control over color intensity and line. Painting-wise, I prefer oil paints. My one problem there is that I'm color-blind (both parents are, so I am, too), so I've made some ghastly (and expensive!) mistakes in mixing colors.

I've recently started exploring digital art. I think digital art is going to have to run the same gauntlet photography did in its infancy: challenges that it's all done by machine so anyone can do it, no talent needed, etc., etc. I got started by doing photomanipulations for friends, then branched out into some original work. Some of my earlier stuff is, to be blunt, awful, but I think I'm improving!

For the record, my computer art is created with a combination of AppleWorks Paint, Kai's PhotoSoap, Corel PhotoPaint 8, TextureMill, and a few other programs.

Thanks for stopping by!