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Meet the Muses

I thought the old page was getting boring, so I decided to re-do it a bit. Instead of just telling you who the Muses are, I'll be telling you a bit about the faces they show me.

AmidalaThe Amidala Muse

Queen Amidala, a.k.a Padme Naberrie, is the ruling monarch of the peaceful planet of Naboo. In my fics, she's never younger than 17 (for a variety of reasons). Despite her young age, she has been outside of Republic space, argued before the Senate, fought--and won--a war.

Amidala carries some very heavy burdens. She is struggling to keep her homeworld safe and free while the Republic she was raised to trust crumbles around her. She is a capable fighter and spy--in her guise as Padme Naberrie, Royal Handmaiden, she has walked among the common people of Naboo and even worked among them. She is reknowned for her wisdom, and has impressed even members of the Jedi Order with her grasp of strategy. Perhaps one of her best-kept secrets is that she, along with a number of her handmaidens/bodyguards is a member of the Order of Sanctuary, and one of that secret organization's famed woman warriors.

Her greatest concern, after the welfare of her people, is her attraction to the Jedi Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. Custom and common practice state that acting on this attraction is immoral: Jedi are the Guardians of Peace and Justice. Anyone seeking a more intimate connection threatens that neutrality--and thus the safety of the Republic.

(Original image from a SW fan site. Flourishes added in Kai's Photo Soap.)



The Anakin Muse

Anakin Skywalker still struggles to rid himself of the emotional baggage from his life as a slave. He traded a life where he was valued only by the work he could do (but mostly ignored) for a life where people were afraid of what he might do...and fear him more than they value him. He has two centers of balance: his devotion to his mother, who protected and loved him...and his growing love for Naboo's reigning queen.

An angry young man who still attempts to follow the Will of the Force, he struggles with a burden most Jedi never take on. He has seen and experienced first-hand some of the darkness of life...and his sense of outraged justice drives him to act where more removed figures would hesitate. The ideals of the Jedi code often seem distant from the harsh realities of life, indeed, seem to pare away all that makes Life worth living.

He managed to retain a sense of Light, even in the tawdry Darkness of his childhood. Yet now, surrounded by alleged guardians of Light, he sees the Darkness even more vividly.

(Original image from the official SW site. Colored and other manipulations done in Corel Photo Paint.)

The Bren Muse

Bren Stuart is a soldier, a commander in the Sentinel Corps. And when his people asked him to make a sacrifice, even though it went against his most basic beliefs, he made it. He was a soldier. He'd sworn an oath.

Bren Stuart woke up in a cryo tube, covered in green goo. All he knew was that he has a Mission: Protect. Defend. And the focus of that directive seemed to be the blond engineer who'd taken him out of cryo.

Then he learned he wasn't Bren Stuart. Not really. He was a clone, a mere copy of someone else. They were all clones. But he still has a Mission. And Reb Anderson is still its focus.

The .wav file that launched a thousand bunnies...

(Original image from the now-defunct official DWB/MG site. Tweaked by yours truly.)



The Cash Muse

Okay, that title doesn't sound right, but...

Storytelling is a Gangrel's stock in trade. And Cash has many stories to tell: of Brujah betrayal, of Ventrue manipulation, and Toreador malice, of the Gangrel Clan's fierce fight for independence. But most of his stories center on love and choices. Despite law and custom, despite the centuries' long enmity, he loves a Brujah--a woman who should have been his Childe, if she hadn't been stolen from him.

He has another love: the Prince he has sworn to protect and defend. His Prince...who, as a mortal man, began the family line that ended in Cash's beloved Sasha.

He is torn between the raging blood-feud and the sweet siren-call of the Blood Bond that whispers it can soothe away all this pain. The nights are long, and the voices are growing louder...

(Original image found on a KtE fansite, tweaked in Kai's Photo Soap.)

The Celeborn Muse

::mutter:: Just what I needed. Another one.

My grumblings aside, the Lord of the Golden Wood is even more of an enigma than his Lady, Galadriel. One of the Elves of Doriath, he is of the Sindarin kindred. He was kin to Thingol, the king of Doriath, and to Nimloth, wife of Dior.

After Amroth, then Lord of Lothlorien, departed oversea, he and Galadriel became Lord and Lady of the Golden Wood. During the War of the Ring, he led Lorien's forces in the Battles of the Trees.


The Elrond Muse


Elrond Halfelven has witnessed some of the greatest triumphs and failures in the history of Middle-Earth. He fought beside Gil-Galad, the last of the great Elven kings in the first war against the Dark Lord Sauron. He saw Isildur cut the Ruling Ring from Sauron's hand...and saw him fall under the sway of its evil influence.

A member of the White Council, his strength is measured by his wisdom rather than his martial skills--though he has those in abundance. He is a master healer and loremaster. Being one of the Half-Elven, he is caught between the two worlds. He has seen the folly of Men throughout the ages, suffered from their weaknesses and petty concerns. Yet he also feels the pull of the enigma, the mystery that is Man. And so he stays, defending a world and its peoples, sometimes not even understanding his own motives. Yet love once bridged the two worlds of the Firstborn and the may yet do so again.

(Image from the official movie site. Tweaked for color and a few little bits of tinkering.)

The Legolas Muse

The Prince of Mirkwood has lived for centuries, holding his land secure from the marauding bands of Orcs that routinely threaten its borders. Mirkwood has lived under the threat of the Shadow for so long, few remember the days of Greenwood the Great.

Being the son of Thranduil means carrying some of the responsiblity for the actions of his father. So what is it like to be the heir of someone who may never die? How much of the ages-old enmity between the Elves of the Wood and the Dwarves of the Mountain is he to carry on his own?

And what of his relationship to the only Dwarf ever to be named 'Elf-friend'?

(Image from the Ringbearer site. They'd probably have whole herds of cows at being mentioned on this site. Tweaked in KPS.)


The Max Muse

Josh McGrath was happy being an adrenaline junkie. Oh, all right, so maybe he wasn't...but it certainly filled the void left by the deaths of his parents--and especially his father. Life, he'd learned, could change without warning. Those things that were supposed to be reliable, like family and home, could prove as fragile as a soap bubble.

Josh walked the razor's edge, taunting Death, half-hoping the Reaper would accept the challenge. If he could just find that one moment, that micro-second where life turned to death, maybe he could turn it back.

But this was all before the max-probes. Before he got a super-charged body, a different face, and a brand-new ambition. Before he had 'Berto's voice keeping him steady just when it all began to fuzz. Now, he does things a whole new way: the Max Steel way.

(Image from one of the official Max Steel sites that actually loads.)

MethosThe Methos Muse

This Really Old Guy (5,000 and counting) was the first Muse to show up. He had some stories to tell. And he'd heard I had a supply of pretty good beer. He's been living on my virtual couch ever since.

[Note: There really wasn't much to add to this one...the Methos!Muse keeps his secrets very well, and recreates/reveals himself with every story. <g>]

(I think this one came from MethosLuvr's site. Framed in Kai's Photo Soap.)


Obi-Wan KenobiThe Obi-Wan Muse

"The Old Man of the Desert" actually had quite a tumultuous past. He was one of the last Jedi trained in the old way, before the rise of the Emperor, and made the critical mistakes that led to Anakin's fall. (Talk about your survivor's guilt...) For all of his fiery protests, he's actually rather conservative-- and quite a manipulator. Truth, after all, is mostly point-of-view.
(Original image from a SW fan-site, toyed and tormented in KPS)




Qui-Gon JinnThe Qui-Gon Muse

This is the Earth-Father, the Protector, the Guardian, and Defender. In other words, the personification of the ideal Knight. But there's a dark side here (pardon the pun), where 'protection' can lead to isolation, and 'defense' to control.

Add in a not inconsiderable passion for his Padawan-learner...
(Original image from an SW fan-site. Tweaked in KPS)


The Tyr Muse

Tyr Anasazi...out of Victoria, by Barbarosa, of Kodiak Pride. The sole survivor of a treacherous attack that wiped out his family, he is intent on securing himself a place in a new Pride. A Nietzchean to the core, he While this Muse is not the chatty type, he has some definite ideas that he wants expressed. Dreadlocks, chain mail, leather, sharp objects, and lusting after a man in uniform. What more could a slash writer ask for? (Aside from more hours in the day...)

(Original image from the official Andromeda site. Garnished in Kai's Photo Soap.)


SwitchThe Switch Muse

It's her way or the highway, and I don't drive. ;) Her role in The Matrix was all-too small, but wherever there are fan-fic writers, there will be second chances. *g*

Switch actually has a lot to say. Visit the only (to my knowledge) Switch-only archive: Switch's Station.


(Original image from a Matrix fan-site. bells and whistles added in KPS)

Muses from the River Cities

(You can find the River Cities stories in the Shadow Suite, in the Vampire the Masquerade section.)

The Aletea Muse

Full Name: Aletea Tyne Danvers
a.k.a. Aly, the Aly Cat, Listener-to-Shadows,
Clan: Brujah
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Autist
Age: 19

Aletea is young, beautiful, talented, and absolutely mad. She is a Brujah who is wholly Other, wild, fey, and yet still a part of her Clan. Her story is just as crazy.
More info: see here



The Jesstyn Muse

Full Name: Jesstyn Greer
(a.k.a Jesstyn Calliope, Jess Danvers,
Samantha Jane Addison, Ekaterina,
the Red Daeva of Abenegdor, Delphyne Athenia Koloudopulos, Delphyne of Arkagos)
Nature: Cavalier/Thrill-Seeker
Demeanor: Curmedgon
Age: 400 years and counting--though publicly, she will only admit to "three hundred and change."

Jesstyn rules as the vampiric master of the city of Eslin. She has her hands full, as the city is a mix of Sabbat, Camarilla, Anarch, and Independent Kindred. And there's always someone who thinks he can do the job better...
More info: see here


The Jason Muse

Full Name: Jason Aristead Danvers
Nature: Autist
Demeanor: Visionary
Tradition: Euthanatos
Essence: Primordial
Age: 19

Jason is the oldest of the Danvers twins.
More info: see here

The Mirya Muse

Full Name: Mirya Terril Jade-Decameron
Clan: Tzimisce
Nature: Manipulator
Demeanor: Traditionalist
Age: 47

More info: see here



The Morpheus Muse

Full Name: Morpheus Shadowchaser
Tribe: Bubasti
Piryo: Twilight
Breed: Feline
More info: see here.

Guest Muses

These Muses spend most of their time with other people...but they've been known to show up at my desk and harrangue me until I write the story they want. (In other words, these are characters created by other people, but the owners let me play in their sandbox. So their 'more info' sections are based on my interpretations of them.)

The Cristian Muse

Clan: Tzimisce
Nature: Unknown
Demeanor: Thrill-seeker
More info: Cristian is Jesstyn's official Consort, having joined with her in a Red Wedding ritus that bound them together. That this relationship has continued for this long and become this intense is a major surprise to both of them. They are political enemies, on opposite sides of the War that has split vampiric society for millenia.

This only serves to make Jesstyn even more attractive to Cristian.

They walk a very fine line, both survivors of the cruelest form of vampiric enslavement, and both struggling with the addictions that are its legacy. Yielding to those urges would insure their swift, mutual destruction, but the temptation lurks behind every touch, every whisper.

Cristian is often cruel, frequently malicious, an unrepentant Diablorist and hedonist. (And just about every other kind of -ist you can imagine--and likely several you can't.) Jesstyn has called him Coyote's Child, and he indeed appears often as a Trickster. And, like the Norse Loki, his "tricks" can be lethal, and his games destroy lives.

And yet he has a sense of honor, however twisted it may be. Those who offend it are often "graced" with a very long time to regret their error.

The Valkyrie Muse

Full name: Valkyrie Aegis-Pallida
Clan: Tzimisce
Nature: Unknown
Demeanor: Unknown
More info: Valkyrie is Mirya Jade's sworn paladin, her bodyguard and protector. And, most recently, her lover. While this causes her no small amount of dismay (the conflict of interest is stormy), her obsession with her charge made it all but inevitable.


The Callista Muse

Full name: Callista Danvers (now, anyway)
Clan affiliation: Brujah
Tradition: Orphan
Essence: Pattern
More info: Callista's ties to Jesstyn are both complex and arcane. In appearance, Jesstyn and Callista are nearly identical--unsurprising, as Callista's physical body was created from the Brujah's. They became lovers almost immediately. Callista quickly became addicted to the pleasures of the vampiric Kiss.

Callista inheirited all of Jesstyn's genetic potential with her body. Unknown to either of them, Jesstyn is descended from a line of Mages, with a powerful Healer born in almost every generation. Jesstyn lost that gift with her Embrace (it instead left her with exceptionally potent blood, strong beyond her years and Generation), but it came to life with Callista.

She is an Orphan, unschooled in True Magic. Instead, she builds her skills based on folklore and myth of centuries past. Her primary focus for her power is Jesstyn's blood. Callista is Ghouled now, Jesstyn's Blood-bound servitor. She provides Jesstyn with a safe outlet for her dominance urges--and wouldn't have it any other way.


And the Supreme Muse of the Midnight Inne...

Feline o' Mine

That's Mewse, thank you very much!

Co-Mews--er, Muses


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