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Disclaimer: the characters and concepts of the Middle-Earth, its unique mythology and events, and recognizable parts are the property of the Tolkien estate. This fan-work is not meant to infringe on the copyright held by the Tolkien estate. It is my hope that, this work may be, it will be seen as an homage to his creation, though the lens I view his world through may not be one anticipated.


This story has been over seven months in the making. I could not have begun it or continued it, much less finished it, without help from a great number of people. So, in no particular order:

Amy, for introducing me to the wonderful possibility of Tolkien slash, for telling me to write it anyway, and correcting my spelling. I owe you much.

Taliesin, for one single comment after seeing the movie with me that launched the Story That Ate My Life. I blame you. ;) Also, thanks for the insights of what it's like to live under a monarchy (albeit a constitutional one).

Dargelos, whose lovely graphic, Betrayed, sat on my desktop and inspired me when the Muses took a week-long coffee break.

Eurintice, the Lost Lady of the Whitemoon Tower, for a quick linguistics lesson, and help with Sindarin. Any errors in Sindarin, Quenya (and English!) are my fault. ;)

Hilary, for assuring me there's no such thing as too much sex, and that passionate love stories are not only realistic in wartime, but inevitable. Even bigger thanks for keyword help that saved me hours of research time.

The Copenhagen Slash Grrrls, for good food, good company, and countless queries of, 'Is it done yet?' Though I may not forgive you for the Bilbo Baggins MP3. ;) Tak for alt.

All of you over at Elf Sluts Anonymous.

Elveanna's Elrond Archive, for having exactly the sound file I was looking for.

Elwing, for her site. I still don't think I got it all right, but your work sure helped!

Tyellas, for graphics help. And finding some of the most interesting Tolkien links... ;)

Okay....on to the show.


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