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Some of the following may be redundant to devout readers of All Things Tolkien, but I included them for the sake of readers less familiar with the nuances of the history of Middle-Earth.

The glossary section:

alveru: Quenya, literally, "outside of a married pair." Someone who maintains a formal sexual relationship but cannot or will not be lawfully wed.
*Amin mela lle: "I love you."
Asea aranion: athelas, kingsfoil
Atalante: (Quenya) 'the Downfallen' a name for Numenor, after the Drowning.
Cirith Duath: "Shadow Cleft," the original name of Cirith Ungol. (Before that pesky spider problem...)
*Cormamin lindua ele lle: "My heart sings to see thee."
*Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au: "My heart shall weep until it sees thee again."
Dragon, the: the constellation Draco.
Eglerialme... : "We praise you, Este, Lady of healing."
Elenna: The Land Called Starwards. Another name for Numenor.
Eryn Glasen: Elven name for "Greenwood the Great," the realm that would become Mirkwood.
*fuulum: "poppy" In other words, opium syrup. ;)
Guruthos: 'death-horror,' dread of death.
Hutar orenya: (Quenya) "You who speaks to my inner heart."
Ithildae dannen...dagnir Isildur: "The moon has fallen into shadow...Isildur's Bane."
kirinki: wren-sized birds of Numenor.
Mar-nu-Falmar: 'Land-under-the-Waves.' Name for Numenor, after the Drowning.
Meladan: 'Beloved Man.' The plural is "meledain." I know 'melthror' is the word for a male lover, but I wanted a term that implies a mortal/Elven pairing. (From 'melyanna,' 'beloved gift.')
meledhel: 'Beloved Elf,' used for the Elven partner of a mortal/Elven pairing. Plural: 'meledhil.'
môriul: 'night-embers' Poetic name for not-entirely casual, non-penetrative sex. (Yes, I made this one up, too. ;) )
Nai hiruvalye Valimar: (Quenya) "Perhaps you will find Valimar." (Line taken whole cloth from "Galadriel's Lament.")
*Oio na elealla alasse: "Ever is thy sight a joy."
senya: my child
seron: lover, seron-nin: my love, my lover.
Valacirca: 'Sickle of the Valar' the Big Dipper constellation.

Phrases and words marked with * come from the Grey Company's Elvish dictionary and/or phrase book. The Grey Company's Elvish is based on Tolkien's Elvish languages, but diverges. I've chosen to use it anyway for this reason: even in 3,000 years, even for Elves, language will evolve. During the Second Age, a good number of different groups of Elves still existed and thrived, each with their own form of the language. As the Great Man said himself, "Language does not exist in a vacuum."


"O randir, randir nin..."
The original lines are from Sherwood Smith's The Crown Duel pg and translated into Quenya and Sindarin (with apologies, and no permission whatsoever).

"Why this gift, o pilgrim, my pilgrim, why this cup of water for me?"
"I give thee the ocean, stormy or tranquil, deep as my love for thee."


Aegnor: brother of Finrod and Galadriel, called Aikanaro (Sharp Flame), who fell in love with a mortal woman named Andreth, but left her to fight and die in battle with Morgoth.

Amroth: there are conflicting sources for who exactly Amroth was. The Silmarillion states he is the son of Amdir, then King of Lorien. The Unfinished Tales state that Tolkien at one point intended for Amroth to be the son of Celeborn and Galadriel (and thus Celebrian's brother). He appears to have abandoned this idea early on. Amroth loved a Silvan Elf named Nimrodel, but she refused to marry him. (See the Lay of Nimrodel, the song Legolas recalls in part at Lorien.)

Finrod Felagund: king of Nargothrond, one of the hidden realms of the Elves in the First Age. He was also called 'Atandil' and 'Edennil,' "Friend of Men," because of his love for the Men of Beleriand. Brother to Galadriel and Aegnor, saved Beren's life when both were prisoners of Morgoth.

Boron, son of Malach: a created character for this story. The names are notable 'hero' names among the Edain.

Kalita: lady-companion to Tathar, Isildur's wife, and her lover. Her name means "bright spark." Yes, it's meant to be ironic. ;) Created character.

Silorn: Numenorean Man, squire to Isildur, killed in the Battle of Dagorlad. (Created character for this story.)


Aeglos: the enchanted spear of Gil-Galad
Gildin: "Silver Spark," a Numenorean dagger given by Isildur to Elrond, to commemorate their oath as shieldbrothers.
Helmorn: "Dark Ice," a longknife made of [], given by Elrond to Isildur to commemorate their oath as shieldbrothers. (detailed in the upcoming "Gwedeir.")
Ulari: A name for the Ringwraiths. Nazgul is actually a word of the Black Speech, and unlikely to be used by Elves.

Notes and Sources

Nienna, high and queenly,
You bear our sorrows and our tears.
Lady gray, peace-giver,
From peace to joy restored.

M' actually read all this to the end? Wow. :) Thanks!

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 2ot; Someone who maintains a formal sexual relationship but cannot or will not be lawfully wed.
*Amin mela lle: "I love you."
Asea aranion: athelas, kingsfoil
Atalante: (Quenya) 'the Downfallen' a nLO  2UH32PMwp [