Name: Morpheus Shadow-Chaser
Breed: Feline
Pryio: Twilight
Tribe: Bubasti
Concept: Demon Lover

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Appearance: In his feline form, Morpheus is a lanky, whipcord muscle and bone cat. His pelt is silky black, seeming to have indigo highlights in certain lighting. Of course, you never see Morpheus unless he wants to be seen. He is a cat, after all.

In his humanoid form, he appears as a young man in his late teens, with dusky olive skin and touseled coal-black hair. His eyes are a startling green. He is just as lean and lanky as a human as he is when a cat. Like all Bubasti, he appears to be half-starved.

Distinguishing marks: Morpheus has yet to discover the wonder of clothing. This is not the drawback it might be, as he usually doesn't display his human form to anyone but Aletea.

Gifts: Command Attention, Silent Stalking, Mark as Mine.

Merits/Flaws: Disconcerting, Dark Secret, Vampiric Spouse

Morpheus began as a Tzimisce genetic experiement. Cristian Radulescu (priest of the Sabbat pack, Walking Shadows), set out to create a feline counterpart to the Hellhounds many of his Clan-kin breed. The "Hellcats" are the result of a careful selection of feline bloodlines, bred and manipulated by Vicissitude to create an eldritch being.

Unbeknownst to Cristian, he had a little "help" in creating Morpheus. Seline, Mother of the Bastet tribes, chose to act through the Tzimisce, to craft a message to one of her Chosen. It is a tangled message, meant to be understood only by one particular Kindred--and the message is about to be sent.

Aletea Danvers offered Morpheus a place to live. When presented with her image and scent, Morpheus became entranced--and obssessed. He willingly left his litter-mates to partner with the young Brujah he calls both Listener-to-Shadows and Shadow-Flame, who showed an incredible affinity for cats of all species, and a reverence for their mystery.

Seline showed Her approval by allowing Morpheus to undergo First Change.

He is the first Bubasti felinoid to appear in centuries--and he resides as a Ghouled lover-protector to a young Brujah touched by madness and magic--and the goddess Nemesis.

Cats don't do anything by halves.