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"The long night has fallen..."

*Dancing Star

Summary: Tyr's thoughts, just after the second episode.
Rating: PG
Notes: Written from memory of the episode.
Warning: None
Catagory: pre-slash
Pairing: Dylan/Tyr
Size: [12K] (Also archived at

*Shadow of the Helix

Summary: A little snippet from my twisted mind. Tyr's thoughts just after Double-Helix. (Also archived at
Rating: G
No smut. In the next one, I promise. <g>
Warning: None
Category: POV
Pairing: Dylan/Tyr

Babylon 5

One of the themes of "Broken Music"

*Song With Broken Music

Summary: Tensions boil over during ceremonies commemorating the Treaty of the Line.
Rating: R
Notes: Centers on original characters.
Warnings: Disturbing themes (PTSD, torture)
Category: Drama, Action/Adventure, Romance
Pairing: m/m/f (original characters)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three NEW

The Matrix

Neo questions... [156K]

*Sleep Well and Wake NEW

Summary: Trinity watches Neo sleeping.
Rating: G
Notes: Not slash
Warning: None
Category: POV, Romance
Pairing: Trinity/Neo

Roswell: the Series

Max's confession. [56K]

*Gimme Shelter

Summary: A missing scene from "Independence Day"
Rating: G-PG Not slash.
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Pairing: Michael/Maria

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More in "Broken Music."
A new Reb/Bren story.
"Sojourner's Truth," an Andromeda story.

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