Brujah anti-tribu symbol

It's a constant fight,
you're pushing the needle to the red
who knows who's right?
no substitute, you're born, you're dead.

Aletea Danvers


Aletea Danversa.k.a, The Aly Cat

Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Autist
Apparent age: late teens, very early twenties
Embrace: 1995, Saratoga, NY
Clan: Brujah anti-tribu
Pack: Heresy
Sire:Alloy (Aloysius Cade, Brujah Infernalist)
Appearance: Bronze-gold hair, still sunstreaked, amber eyes. She still has a strongly mortal appearance, with a faint flush to her skin. She's a stunningly beautiful young woman, but with an air of spun-glass fragility. She is often distracted, restless, never focusing on one thing for long. She wears a small amethyst stud in her right ear, a warning to other Sabbat that she is not to be publicaly acknowledged as a sectmate.

Distinguishing marks: What appears to be a long red burn mark across her left forearm. It appeared the night of the sacrifice, and has yet to fade.

Theme songs: I'm So Afraid,--Fleetwood Mac, Don't Fear the Reaper, --Blue Oyster Cult.

Now a part of me will never be free,
And the part that's free will never be me
--The Church

Jesstyn's many-times-great niece, and the only other surviving member of Aloysius' Brood. Embraced, then abandoned by her Sire, Aletea struggled for two years at the edge of Kindred society, trying to adjust to her new life. The trauma of Aloysius' particularly brutal method of administering the Embrace wiped out her memory. Alloy placed his youngest childe under a Blood Bond, and often enjoyed Summoning her to him for an evening or three of torment and degradation. Afterwards, he Dominated her into forgetting the experiences. Two years after her Embrace, he reclaimed her.

Aloysious' tithe called for two sacrifices: an aged person with wisdom and a heart not embittered by time. The second had to be one of his Blood, with ties to the place of sacrifice. Jesstyn and some of the other Sodality managed to rescue her, but not before she saw the true face of the demon who'd come in answer to her Sire's call. She kept what was left of her sanity, but the shock left her with a landslide of hair-trigger phobias and defense mechanisms.

From the persistence of noise comes the insistence of rage.
From the emergence of tone comes the divergence of thought. From the enlightenment of music comes the wisdom of... silence.
--Visions of Gregorian Chants

No-one knew of the Bond that kept Aly as her Sire's prisoner, not even Aletea herself. In a moment of killing rage caused by the verbal abuse and degradation from a male Brujah, Aletea marshalled all her will and lashed out, breaking free of the Bond long enough to run to a place of safety. She traveled to Phoenix, where she was welcomed by the mysterious Piper and the Toreador anti-tribu, Opium. Under their tutelage, she is finally learning how to fully use her Disciplines--and she abandoned Humanity and started down the Path of Cathari, an act that may have saved the rest of her sanity. Instead of falling into the Wassail, Aly has managed to shatter the Bond that kept her prisoner, and has begun learning how to cope with the massive traumas she has endured. She takes an unusual approach to the Path, integrating bits and pieces she has learned about the practices of the Bahari and Lillith, whom she refers to as Mother Night.

While in Phoenix, Aletea underwent the Creation Rites, overseen by the Pricius of the Southwest, Janus Morrigan, and several prominent Sabbat. She is now a member of Heresy, a pack led by Opium, her mentor on the Path. Aly keeps her new allegiance secret, to protect herself and those she loves. She knows her "aunt" Jesstyn would be devastated by her actions, and that other Sabbat might frown on her devotion to her twin brother. The loose structure of Heresy allows her a great deal of independent movement, a level of freedom the Neonate has never experienced before. She continues to see to her duties as a Penitent of the Kindly Ones.

Through means she rarely sees a need to mention, Aletea has accquired her own nightclub: Vibrational Realities.

Recently, Aletea has found a new lover...


I'm only hangin' on,
To watch you go down.

My name is Selene

Vampire Pet

I was adopted at the
Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Vampire Animals