About this site...

The Midnight Inne is my online tribute to science-fiction, fantasy media, and the art and craft of writing. It's part portfolio, part soapbox, collector's cabinet, and virtual hang-out.

The text material here makes use of the American Cinematic rating system, as a guideline for content. (European ratings are included, as a comparison.)

"I approach sex here as a lover of mystery."
--Thomas Moore, The Soul of Sex.

We also celebrate healthy sexuality here, in its many forms. That includes male/male, female/female, and male/female. You may find stories with fetish, BDSM, or other possibly disturbing themes. How can I claim to include BDSM as part of healthy sexuality? Read this for more information.

A note on content warnings: we sort our fiction by categories here, using ratings and pairings as a further guideline. Some content is warned for specifically, such as graphic violence, rape, non-consensual pain and sexual acts, incest, etc. (Again, I hear you ask, what's stuff like this doing on a site that's supposed to celebrate healthy sexuality? Read on.) You may wish to visit the site's glossary if you come across an unfamiliar category.

Love and passion have motivated creative expression for centuries, ranging from the exquisite angst of courtly love to sheerest raunch. See Philip Sydney's Astrophil and Stella sonnets, Boccaccio's Decameron, or Geoffrey Chauncer's Canterbury Tales for examples. The CT, especially, run the whole spectrum on their own. (The Miller's Wife's Tale, and The Prioress' Tale, for example.) For visuals, might I suggest Michaelangelo? The ancient Romans also had an eye for the erotic. Erotic art and literature is not a new phenomenon.

I've designed this site around the concept of an online inne, an interesting rest-stop on the Information Superhighway. (The name comes from a musical about a jazz musician.) The various pages are "rooms," each with their own theme and specific content. The Tour, a.k.a., the sitemap, what's what and what's there. ;)

I want this site to be both educational and entertaining. If you have any suggestions as to how I might improve things, leave me a note here.

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