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"We need more sex, not less, but we need sex with soul."
Thomas Moore

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 The Hostess greets you.Welcome, new and returning visitors!

I'm Jacynthe, proprietress of this virtual establishment. And technology hates me with a passion that makes the Capulet-Montague feud look like a friendly disagreement.

We've had a MAJOR data loss here at the Inne. No idea how it happened, but a number of files have disappeared. Worse, when I tried to restore them from the back-up, it turns out the back-up was corrupted. This means I have to re-enter many of these files myself, and re-create some of the graphics. This is going to take some time, so please be patient!

So, while I continue to replace the lost files, I invite you to check out what's new, or to re-visit old favorites.

If you've written to me and haven't recieved an answer...RL is a stone-bitch of late. (Two words: oral surgery.)



There's plenty of strawberry-lemonade (with fresh mint) for everyone, and a big plate full of chocolate-lace cookies. Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy is in the CD player. Check out what's new, or scroll on down to the menu. Enjoy your stay!


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United We Stand

"Hate is easy. Love takes courage."

A Coronach, for the events of Sept. 11.



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The Rooms       Room Service

The After-Hours Club

Where the men and women of law enforcement let their hair down. (CSI, Crossing Jordan)



Overviews : A 'cheat sheet' for the various fandoms I write in. A good place to look if you're not familiar with some of the fandoms listed here. ++

The Cafe

(original fiction, poetry and essays.)


Complaint Department, where Management lets loose on a variety of topics. (Duck when entering.)

Deepwater Chrome

(Deepwater Black/Mission Genesis slash/het/gen)


The Manager's Office, where Jac puts all the weird stuff about herself. ++

The Pixel Gardens

Visual art, created and found.

The Gift Shop: Every decent inne has one, and now, so do we! Here, you can get books, movies, music, posters, and all sorts of good stuff.


The Tindome Observatory

(LotR fiction slash, het, gen) ++

Jacynthe's Research Links Includes many writer's resources, for both original fiction and fan-fiction. ++

Hall of Mirrors

Double your pleasure... (various) ++


Midnight Radio A listing of songs (the "unofficial soundtracks") that set the mood for my various fics. Sorted by fandom.


The Highlander's Hearth Hot tales of Immortals.


Tourist Information Fiction recs and related links. ++


The Anubis Touch Universe (Highlander AU) ++

Women in Fantasy and Science-Fiction Prominent women and characters. ++


Room of a Thousand Fountains Untold tales of a galaxy far, far away. (Star Wars) ++

Jac's Trophy Room Where online goodies are displayed. ++


The Shadow Suite

Love beyond death: Vampire Fiction

The Harem: the various virtual towel-boys, clones, and wayward figments of imagination any slash writer collects. Drool buckets are by the door.
The Star Chamber Written in the stars: sci-fi love stories.
Switch's Station (The Matrix, focus on Switch, external link.)
Tree of Dreams (Crossovers)


Guest Cottages

The Inne is proud to be hosting some talented new artists. They love visitors, so be sure to pay them a call!

 Taliesin's Abode (Home of Taliesin's fan-fic)

Home of the Jedi Master Jackson parodies, VtM, and RPG related fic.

The Sea of Possibility--Dacia Creed's Fanfiction

A collection of Dacia's boyband fics. Please pay special heed to her warnings. [External link]

Facet's Art Haven (digital artwork)

After near-ceaseless nagging on my part, Facet has put some of her art online.

Lightsaber Issues

The home of Hilary's fan-fiction.



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