The Highlander's Hearth

The Highlander's Hearth

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Welcome to my Highlander fanfiction. Here, you'll find slash, gen, and het-fic (a little something for everybody!) Most of the stories are Methos-centric, and I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Cassandra fan. Keeping this in mind, I hope you enjoy your visit!

*Lessons My Teacher Taught Me

Rating: PG
Summary: Amanda meditates on Sun Tzu and Rebecca's teachings.
Warning: spoilers
Category: Gen, pic-prov

The Slash Stories

Methos' signature statement (.wav 168K)

*Pay What You Owe
Summary: "Comes a Horseman," from Kronos' point of view.
Warning: Look at the pairing. My first slash. Ever.
Category: Drama, Pre-Slash
Pairing: Methos/Kronos
Size: [24k]

*People Like Us, Places Like This
Summary: How does the world's oldest man celebrate Halloween?
Warning: Nearly song-fic. Implied m/f
Notes: This is so Dail's fault. What happens when a slash writer wanders through a con.
Category: Angst
Pairing: Methos/Duncan
Size: [32k]

*Tough Girls Don't Cry
Summary: Micaela follows Methos and Duncan.
Warning: There's a woman in this one!
Notes: Mirror-piece to People Like Us.
Category: Angst, Kink (voyeurism).
Pairing: Methos/Duncan, Micaela.

One Year of Love

An AU of an AU...Methos and Duncan come to terms with the attraction between them.

*November Fires


Iphigenia's Chronicle
(a.k.a., the 'How Many Worlds?' challenge)

*The Nature of Fire
(Highlander, BtVS, KtE) cover art

Summary: Julian sends an ally of the Kindred to investigate a vampire hunter in Sunnydale.
Warning: Gen-fic.
Notes: First of the 'How Many Worlds?' challenge.
Pairing: na
Category: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama

Anubis Touch Stories

An AU that explores the Watchers, the possible origin of the Immortals, the Powers That Be...and Shouldn't Be.

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